Heritage Presentation at the Starlight Centre, Peace Hospice Care, by Gemma Meek from Watford Museum


Gemma Meek with a slide of Benskin’s Watford Brewery


The Friendship Group meet fortnightly at The Starlight Centre, Peace Hospice Care.


Janet Miller and Ian Jarvis rediscovering a 1950s publication.

Gemma Meek, Educator from Watford Museum gave an enetertaining presentation today to the Friendship Group at the Starlight Centre, Peace Hospice Care, on the early history of Watford. It brought back many memories for people who grew-up here and gave the rest of us a good understanding of the growth of Watford from a small village on the stage coach route to London, to a bustling market town. She also showed us a collection museum items that reminded us of the 1950s.

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