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Audio Editing Volunteers for Oral History Project

Peace Hospice Care is undertaking an oral history project on the history of Peace Memorial Hospital, the development of Peace Hospice and also developing a team to work with people’s life histories. If you would like to learn how to edit digital audio or already have some experience and would like to volunteer on the project please contact John Arcus 01923330330 07718570110

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Glenys Hamilton Training at The Peace 1954-1957

g - CopyPeace Memorial Hospital nurses making Christmas more festive for patients who had to be in hospital during the holiday, c1956/57. Glenys is in the middle of the student nurses sitting at the front.

Glenys A Hamilton (nee Glenys A Dobbs) 1954-1957 

I wish to share my thoughts about Peace Memorial Hospital. This very special hospital was built to honour those who died in WWI. My grandfather, Sergeant Ernest Webb was killed on 31 May 1916 on the HMS Queen Mary in the Battle of Jutland. I never knew him. My mother lost her father and as the oldest of three children had to help raise her siblings.

I am proud that I received my preliminary nursing education from a hospital dedicated to those who served their country and lost their lives. I trained as a nurse at the hospital from 1954-1957. I realised later that I received the very best nursing education at the Peace. The Tutors, Sisters, Matron and Medical staff instilled in many of us a desire to be the very best, to never stop learning, be compassionate, gain patients’ trust in our competence, and privileged to prepare for our profession at the Peace.

I still learn something new every day. I continue to contribute my skills and knowledge to help decrease the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe. This is the goal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and the Council for Nurses and Allied Professions (CCNAP). The Peace Memorial Hospital taught us to share, care, learn, teach, mentor, and to respect those we serve. My nursing career has taken me on a rewarding journey, clinical work, teaching and conducting research. The seeds were sown at the Peace Memorial Hospital and also by my church at Stanborough Park.

I hope some nurses from my set and from other years will write and express their gratitude to a town that contributed to an institution where best practice was expected and delivered.

Glenys Hamilton, RN, DNSc., DHL (Hon.), FESC, Congress Coordinator, Council Cardiovascular Nursing & Allied Professions, European Society of Cardiology, EU. Consultant in Cardiovascular Nursing, US. External Faculty Nurse Scientist, The Yvonne Munn Research Centre, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA.

If you have any information about this photo, or Peace Memorial Hospital and Peace Hospice history, please contact: 01923330330 07718570110